worlds of shared experiences

Welcome to Infinite Odysseys.  Much like Homer and the Iliad, we are devoted to the telling of a great story, one that fires the imagination and inspires surges of creativity and emotion in all that read it.  Unlike many, are muse and medium is that of the MUX, or Multi User Experience.

A MUX is a place on the web, a text based virtual meeting hall so to speak, where those from around the world can join together and have a shared experience in a myriad of fantasy worlds.  Each MUX has a theme which sets the tone of the world you will explore and the descriptions of the things you see around you. 

If you have never experienced this before, then welcome to a new world, or perhaps I should say  a new world to you as this form of entertainment has been going on for many many years.  If you love to roleplay, but  haven't been able to find others of like mind, or perhaps you are just not interested in the gaming console variety of RPG that is out there, then perhaps this type could make a good fit.

We are currently hosting a couple of games on this site that may peek your interest and at the very least give you a place to vent your creative juices.  So feel free to explore and learn more about what we have to offer.  If you find it's not for you, here is hoping you leave with atleast fond memories of the reception you received.


This site is currently very new and under construction at the moment.  Check back for updates.